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Details on Paytm Customer Care Toll Free Number Email ID Contact & Complaint No

Are you looking for Paytm customer care number? Read this post carefully and get your desired Paytm toll free number, email ids etc.

Welcome all to Paytm customer care website, you will find here all the contact details of Paytm customer care. Here you can check eMail ID, Toll-Free Number, and Address of Paytm Customer SupportTeam as well Paytm customer care number. Hope you guys are using Paytm so you should bookmark this website for future help. Thus you all can contact us 24×7 365 days via the following methods. 

Paytm Customer Care Toll Free Number

There are many reasons you need to contact Paytm customer service. May be you need to replace your purchased items or ask for a refund if it is under warranty. Sometimes you need to know some details as like the address of the head office, phone numbers, email ids, etc.  That’s why here we are, with the details which you need to contact Paytm Customer Care.
Brief History of Paytm
Paytm is one of the best and largest e-commerce companies in India. It is also a big online portal. It is founded in 2010 by Vijay Shekhar Sharma. Paytm has become the primary way to make or accept payments, transfer money, pay for bills, recharges, shopping and a lot more with 100 million app subscriptions.
Few Common Complaints of Paytm
May be there are hundreds of the complaints. With this I have listed the top three complaints and tried to make their solutions.

Alas! Money Deducted But Transaction Failed

This is the, most common type of the problem. Several times, it happened to me as well. That problem occurs because of the communication problem between Paytm and Telecom Company. In fact, when we do a transaction, at the same time other organizations are also involved in the whole payment process. If there is a technical error from any platform, the payment may fail.
In this case, you should not worry much about it. Your money would be refunded after few hours. It may take more than a day. But if you do not get back your money within 2 days, you should contact the customer support of the Paytm. If, you contact earlier, you would get the standard answer- wait for 48 hours.

My Transaction is Successful but No Recharge

Many people recharge their mobile or pay the bill using Paytm. Sometimes, in spite of the successful payment, but it does not result in order placement. Your recharge or bill payment would not happen. For this situation, as well, you can expect a refund within few hours. After that, if you don’t get back the money escalate the matter with the customer care of the payment after 2 days.

Payment Money is debited but did not credit to Beneficiary Account

You know that the Paytm also supports money transfer through the UPI payment system.  Using this system, you can immediately transfer money from one account to another bank account without any charge. The full payment system is extremely convenient and people are adopting it.
Though, sometimes, there can be some problem. But, it may happen than fund transfer does not take place whereas money gets deducted from the bank account. But the concern is justified. Though, this problem is related to UPI. But UPI has made a robust system to deal with all such cases. If any money which can’t be deposited to a bank account would return back to the sender.
But the banks have to credit an amount within 2 hours of receipt. In case, it can’t find out the beneficiary account, definitely it has to refund the amount after the 2 hours. For this reason in most of the cases you would get back the money within 4 hours. You should contact your bank if it takes more time. You know Money transfer takes place between two banks. The money does not come to the Paytm. The process is that only triggers the fund transfer. Thus, the bank would give details of the transaction.
I know there can be some more question related to Paytm. For this you should read the Paytm FAQ before lodging a complaint. I tried to cover FAQ on Paytm below for better understanding.

Some Ways To Contact Paytm Customer Care

Though, there are 4 ways to contact customer care and get your queries resolved, but you can choose any of the methods as per your convenience.

Contact Paytm Support Ticket

Support Ticket is one of the most preferred method to resolve to Paytm feedback or queries.  When you reach the Paytm Help Page you would only see this method. This is quite organized and you may get your answer through the process of booking the support ticket. This process goes through the followings steps.
1.     First of all, open Paytm App and tap on the menu icon (3 parallel lines on top).
2.     Secondly, a profile page slides out from the left, spot the ’24×7 Help’. Tap it.
3.     In third, you would see the various categories of the Help. Then search for the category of your problem or complaint. You will see the list of your past transactions if you choose the recharge and bill payment.
4.     Fourth, choose the transaction which has a problem. After that, you have to choose the issue.
5.     Fifth, this system would give you the standard response to such problems. You can also send your message to the customer care if you are still not satisfied.
6.     Finally, after submitting the support ticket, the Paytm customer care would contact you or send a message.

paytm customer service email

paytm customer care no

Though Paytm provides the customized answer to 95% problems. The 24×7 Help of Paytm is very advanced and gives you the answer according to the status of your account or transaction. You will get all these are the standard answers which or automatically given.
paytm customer care number
The main fact here, it is difficult to reach the customer care executive. But you can say that Paytm avoid any human contact or manual resolution of the queries.


Anytime you can call to the customer support of the Paytm, if you are unsatisfied with the Support ticket mechanism.  
There is a main number of the Paytm Customer care which is given below. Using the number you can complaints related to bank, wallet and payments.

011-3399-6699, 9643–979797

Paytm Customer Care Numbers, Toll Free Helpline & Complaint Contact Numbers
These are some most important numbers of Paytm which you can dial 24×7 are the following.
  • For Paytm Toll-Free Number: 011-3399-6699 (Paytm Contact Number)
  • For Paytm Customer Care Phone Number: 1800-120-130 
  • For Paytm Customer Care Number for Bank, Wallets & Payments (General): 011-3399-6699
  • For Paytm Complaint Number: 0120-306-2244
  • For Paytm Helpline Number: 1800-120-130
  • For Paytm Customer Care Number for Movies & Events: 0120-3888-388
  • For Paytm Customer Care Phone Number for Bus: 95553-95553
  • For Paytm Customer Care No. for Train: 95553-95553
  • For Paytm Customer Care No. for Flight: 99168-99168
  • To Contact Customer Care Number Paytm for Hotels: 7053-111905
  • To contact Paytm Customer Number for Paytm Mall Shopping: 011-3377-6677
  • For Paytm Customer Care Toll Free Number to Report a Fraud: 1800-120-130

Details of Paytm Customer Support eMail IDs

Few important Email Id’s related to Paytm are the following.
  • Get Paytm email id for Sales Questions –
  • Get Paytm email id for Technical Support –
  • Get Paytm email id for Jobs related Query –
  • Get Paytm Customer Care Official Email ID –
 Please Keep In Mind:
  • Paytm Customer Services are available for the users 24×7
  • The Paytm contacts its users between 10 AM to 8 PM
  • For the Paytm customer services are available in English & Hindi languages

For More Help Visit Paytm’s official Website and Social Media Accounts

For Paytm You can also expect response and support from the social media platform. Though it gives a faster response on Twitter than the facebook. Use the addresses of these social platforms are given below.

Know the Paytm Customer Care FAQ’s

Q: Are There Different Paytm Customer Care Numbers for Movies?

A: Yes, there is a different Paytm Customer Care Number for Movies.

Q: Are There Different Paytm Customer Service Numbers for Hotel Bookings?

A: Yes, there is a different Paytm Customer Care Number for Hotel Bookings.

Q: Are There Different Paytm Helpline Numbers for Mall Shopping?

A: Yes, there is a different Paytm Customer Care Number for Mall Shopping.

Q: Are There Different Paytm Customer Care Numbers for Bus Tickets?

A: Yes, there is a different Paytm Contact Number for Bus Tickets.

Q: Are There Different Paytm Customer Care No. for Flight Tickets?

A: Yes, there is a different Paytm Customer Care Number for Flight Tickets.

Q: Are There Different Paytm Customer Care No. for Train Tickets?

A: Yes, there is a different Paytm Customer Number for Train Tickets.

At Last, this is all you need to know about Paytm Customer Care. Anyone can conclude that Paytm has made enough provisions to ensure that its customers can reach them easily from all the information listed above. Though it has lack of the chat option but, the other contact options compensate with its absence. If anyone have more information about Paytm customer care number please comments below.

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