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Know The Flipkart Seller Support Number, Complaint Email Id & Ways to Contact

It is easy to contact Flipkart sellersupport number and raise your concerns for those who want to sell at Flipkart. The most important thing about Flipkart is that they not only focus on the buyers, but also to their sellers and other affiliates. Now if you are thinking how to contact Flipkart seller support number, I am going to give you not just one contact hotline. I will also give you the other important Flipkart numbers that might be very help for you in the future.

We all know that Flipkart is one of the Top Online Marketplace where you can become a top E-Commerce player with minimum investment in India. And Without Seller Flipkart is nothing but a big zero.

Flipkart Seller Support Number

It is very easy to sell anything on, you guys just have to register yourself, list your catalog and start selling your products. That’s it.

Know Flipkart Seller Support Number and Contact Info
Do you have any questions or other concerns about Flipkart seller support no?  Here I am going to give you all the details on it. In the case of Flipkart, they have provided a dedicated hotline for each of their department and separating the seller’s concerns from the customer queries and complains.
I am telling those of you that belong to the Flipkart seller community, you all are in the right place. Through This article I will provide you with all the details that you need in order to reach the Flipkart hotline. All of your questions, queries about policies and rules, and even tips on how to properly manage your merchandise will be properly addressed here. Obviously, solve the issue if it requires some fixing on the Flipkart’s side of the business.
Here is your hotline to reach the seller’s customer service department, for those sellers who have questions that need an immediate answer.

For Flipkart Seller Support Contact Number (Toll-Free Number India):

  • 0124-4319362

  • 080-6798-1111

For Flipkart Vendor Support Phone Number

  • 080 6798 1111

For Flipkart Seller Support Email:



All these numbers are for sellers only. Please do not use this number if you are a customer addressing customer related concerns.

Though Flipkart provide various third-party services which include Logistics, Cataloging Support, Packaging Material, and Product Photo Shoot for the seller.

Flipkart seller hub

After having these advantages, many interested Sellers don’t know “How to Register themselves on Flipkart Seller?”

That’s why here I am providing all information about the Registration Process.

Required Documents for Registration-

1- GST
2- Pan Card of the Proprietor or Company
3- Signature
4- Bank Details
5- Aadhaar Card
6- Address Proof
7- Cancelled Cheque

Following the Steps below Register as a Flipkart Seller

1- First of all, create an Account.
2- After that, Login to the Account.
3- Then Upload your GST, Signature, and Registered Business Address under “Business Details”.
4- Now, Provide your Bank Details, Pan Card, Address Proof, and Cancelled Cheque under “Bank Details”.
5- Finally, Share your Store Details and Start Listing of your Products.

If any Seller is still facing any kind of issue then don’ hesitate just contact their “Seller Support” and here I am sharing all possible ways to contact them.

a- About Flipkart Seller Customer Care Helpline Number
b- About Complaint Email Address
c- About Contact Seller Support
d- About Frequently Asked Questions
It is notify that all Flipkart Sellers to contact any of the above ways in order to get a solution to their problems.

About Flipkart Seller Customer Care Helpline Number

Though it is the most used contact alternative and wanted by every seller. Please dial the provided “Flipkart Seller Customer Care Number” and their well-trained executive will pick the call. And then, share your concern and he/she will try to provide you the best possible solution. That’s the solution.

Know Flipkart Seller Contact Number- 0124 431 9362

Please dial the support number within working hours only otherwise, no one will pick the call.

About Complaint Email Address

It happens sometimes, you didn’t get the expected help from the Flipkart Seller Customer Care Helpline Number.

In this situation you should use the “Complaint Email Address” which are shared here.
All of you can share Images, Videos, and Documents via Email Address.

The Flipkart Seller Complaint Email Address-

Hope, within 24 Hours you will get the solution of your concern. All of you can mail them anytime you want.

How to Contact Seller Support

To contact Flipkart seller support you need to login into the “Flipkart Seller Account”. You have to follow the simple steps below to avail this support.

1- Please Login to your Seller Portal Account.
2- And On the Right Top Corner, Click on the 3 Dots.
3- After that, please select 
“Contact Seller Support” and Click on “Ask for Assistance”.
4- Then, Select the Issue Type.
5- Now, Some relevant Answers will be displayed still you are not satisfied.
6- Finally, Click on 
“Raise a Request” and share all your concern with them.
If you need you can also share these formats .doc, .docx, .csv, .xls, .xlsx, .pdf, .jpg, .png, .bmp to them.

Know the Flipkart Seller Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Do you have any idea? What happen if seller visit Flipkart Seller FAQs prior contacting Flipkart Seller Customer Care Helpline Number?
There is a more than 70% chances to get a better and effective solution.
Besides, it will also save the time of the Flipkart Seller.

Know the Top FAQs-

Q- why Do I need to courier my products to Flipkart?
A- Answer is big “NO” you know Flipkart will handle all shipping of your products. All you need to do is pack the product and keep it ready.
Q- Who will decides the Price of the Product?
A- Though you are Seller, you have a right to set the price of your products you wanna sell on Flipkart.
Q- From when can I start selling?
A- If the verification of all required documents done, you can list your products and start selling it.
Q- From when will I get paid?
A- Only Flipkart will settle your payments within 7-15 business days based on your seller tier and directly send it to the bank account through NEFT transaction.
Q- Can you tell? Will the Seller get charged for selling products on Flipkart?
A- Sure, yes, the seller has to pay the small percentage of their Selling Amount as a Commission to Flipkart.
To get more FAQs about Flipkart Seller, you should visit its Official Page.


Both sellers and customers are very important for any marketplace. Lack of any side you can’t do your business properly. So there is importance of both. In case of Flipkart this is the same.
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